The Dalton Convention Center is proud to have been the location for the annual Blue Ridge Numismatic Association (BRNA) Convention for over 20 years. As we welcome guests to this year’s coin show this weekend, we would like to assure that the Dalton Convention Center is going above and beyond to comply with CDC regulations and Governor Kemp’s current executive order regarding gatherings.

“Our team has worked closely with BRNA’s planning committee to organize a safe environment for our guests, show vendors and staff,” said Director Margaret Thigpen. Sanitizing all surfaces, requiring hand sanitizer and temperature checks upon entry for all, social distancing, and required masks for all staff and vendors are a few key factors we will employ throughout the 40,000 sq. ft. exhibition space to ensure the safety of all in attendance.

The compliance guidelines under which the coin show will operate are as follows:

  • Both client and Convention Center will be required to follow any guidelines that will be put in place by the office of the Governor of the State of GA. Guidelines below are based on the Executive Order that shall expire at 11:59pm on August 31, 2020.
  • Anyone upon initial entry to the building will:
    • a. Be required to use hand-sanitizer
    • b. Have to have their temperature checked (those who show a temperature above 100.4 will not be permitted entry. As they may have been outside in hot weather they will be given up to five minutes for their temperature to stabilize if initially showing a temperature higher than 100.4. If within those five minutes their temperature drops below 100.4 for two subsequent readings they will be permitted entry)
    • c. Will need to verify that they have not been around anyone who has exhibit flu-like symptoms in the past 14 days
    • d. Confirm that they themselves have not experienced any flu-like symptoms in the past 14 days
  • While on property social distancing guidelines shall be followed
  • Masks will be mandatory for dealers and for show staff that are interacting with attendees
  • Masks will be strongly encouraged for attendees
  • Masks will be mandatory for all Convention Center staff who have frequent contact with patrons
  • Convention Center will have signage at the entrance to the building to instruct patrons that they cannot enter if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19, have exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, or had contact with a person that is suspected to have COVID-19 within the past fourteen (14) days
  • Convention Center will provide initial entry point contactless hand sanitizer stations as well as hand sanitizer at the concessions area
  • Convention Center will have signage in place to encourage social distancing, hand washing, etc.
  • Convention Center will mark out social distancing for lower concourse area for registration
  • Convention Center will be providing regular sanitation of the building, however dealers will be responsible for their own tables and displays
  • Convention Center will ensure that restrooms are cleaned and sanitized regularly as well as ensuring that adequate supplies of soap and paper towels are in place
  • Convention Center will have a designated room to isolate anyone who during the course of the event exhibits or experiences symptoms of Covid-19. Such individuals would then be required to leave the facility as soon as practicable
  • Convention Center will have Plexiglas at the point of sale for concessions items
  • Convention Center will be required to ensure that the initial entry protocols outlined in item 1 are followed for its workers
  • Convention Center shall ensure that guidelines in place regarding food and beverage service are followed
  • Convention Center shall furnish contactless temperature checking units for initial entry of dealers and public to the building
  • BRNA shall provide personnel for taking temperatures of all dealers and public as they enter the building
  • BRNA will be required to stagger load-in times of dealers as practicable
  • BRNA shall provide each dealer with (2) masks and a small bottle of hand sanitizer
  • BRNA shall provide stickers for each day to indicate that dealers and public have been temperature checked prior to entering the building. Said stickers shall be color-coded, a different color for each day. BRNA shall have personnel in place to check for these stickers for those who have exited the building and are returning to it
  • BRNA will be required to help ensure social distancing and mask guidelines are followed by dealers
  • BRNA shall provide additional hand sanitizer at areas such as registration and within the Exhibit space
  • BRNA shall provide “waiver” signage for entrances
  • BRNA shall, to the extent practicable, utilize physical barriers such as partitions or Plexiglas at registration and check-in stations and points of sale
  • Both the Convention Center and BRNA shall help to enforce social distancing and discouraging of unnecessary person-to-person physical contact (such as handshaking, hugging, etc.)

The coin show will be open to the public Friday and Saturday, 10AM-6PM, and Sunday, 10AM-3PM. We at the Dalton Convention Center and the Blue Ridge Numismatic Association want to ensure that the health and safety of all concerned are our top priorities moving forward this weekend and in the future.